International Institute of Applied Psychology and Human Sciences associazione culturale (рус. - Международный институт прикладной психологии и гуманитарных наук, Италия) is a cultural and scientific association located in Italy.

Its goals are (Цели Института):

1. To promote scientific research in the field of psychology, also in cooperation with Scientific Entities and Organisations both public and private, national and international

2. To collect and elaborate data, to structure and implement psychological intervention and to disseminate information regarding applied psychology and human sciences

3. To divulge the methodology of scientific research, psychology and human sciences

4. To facilitate critical knowledge and learning of Applied Psychology

5. To promote and organize training courses, seminars, congresses, workshop, conferences about Applied Psychology and Human Sciences;

6. To promote psychological knowledge in other professions, facilitating the multidisciplinarity

7. To manage and implement european projects

IIAPHS includes experts in psychology and social sciences: social psychology, criminal psychology, psychology of marketing, forensic psychology, cultural psychology. Our network include professionals from several EU countries / В Институт входят эксперты в области психологии и социальных наук: социальная психология, криминальная психология, психология маркетинга, судебная психология, культурная психология, в том числе эксперты из нескольких стран ЕС.

Psicologo Iscritto alla Regione Puglia, n. 4325, Vice Presidente dell'Università Popolare Europea, Relatore Internazionale Dr. Igor Vitale. Contact Information:, tel. 329 599 75 85, skype. igor.vitale1

 16 июля 2019