Редакція надає сприяння у пошуку експертів або фахівців для проведення психологічної, товарознавчої експертизи, досліджень на поліграфі.

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Crossmark is a multi-publisher initiative from Crossref to provide a standard way for readers to locate the current version of a piece of content. "Судово-психологічна експертиза. Застосування поліграфа і спеціальних знань в юридичній практиці" (further - Journal (expertize)) is committing to maintaining the content it publishes, and to alerting readers to changes if and when they occur.

Retraction and correction policies

Journal (expertize) is committed to ensuring high quality standards in all its publications.

The published version of every article in journal remain forever publicly accessible in the Journal's Archive of Issues section, as well as via Web Archive. Journal (expertize) publishes a specific version or an article also available in the Journal Archive and on the Web Archive after some time. Authors can add updated versions of their work through the journal editorial board. This creates a new version.

In case Expertize-journal is notified of mistakes in published works the following policy applies:

If the mistake is minor, such as a typo, a missing affiliation, or a typesetting error in an equation that can be corrected by a skilled reader, Journal (expertize) may update the published version of an article to a new version uploaded by the authors post publication.

If the mistake is more severe and in particular if it changes material results of a work, changes the equation numbering, changes the reference list, or any theorem, lemma, or similar, Journal (expertize) will leave the published version as is, still pointing to the version that was originally accepted, and instead place a note about the mistake and if available a link to an updated/corrected version of the work on that work’s page.